BARF Diet - Meal for Pets.  Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

Pet Cafe®, along with a growing body of vets, breeders, and every day dog and cat owners, backed by a wealth of scientific evidence, believes that it is the practice of feeding cooked and processed pet foods, especially meat products, that has resulted in the dramatic decline in health of modern dogs and cats.

Meal for Pets® is the result of years of trials, research and investigation.

"Dogs and Cats can’t cook"
This a favourite saying of Dr Bruce Syme BSC. BVSc (Hons) and a statement that no one can dispute.

Designed exclusively for Pet Cafe®, Meal for Pets® raw food diet mimics Mother Nature's diet for dogs and cats. The food is a fresh, raw and truly complete and balanced meal for dogs and cats that is ready to serve straight from your fridge.

BARF raw food diet - Meal for Pets
Meal for Pets® is formulated using 100% raw, unprocessed ingredients. The meat (kangaroo) is top quality and free range. It is mixed with a blend of raw crushed and rolled cereal grain, vegetables, parsley, garlic and a range of natural vitamin and mineral supplements. It has no wheat, flour or fillers and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is scientifically formulated to create a fully balanced, nutritionally complete dog and cat food. There are six (6) different formulas to choose from.

Different animals at different life stages have different dietary requirements. Meal for Pets® has developed a range to suit all dog and cat sizes, ages and breeds. The formula variations are based on the level of growth, energy and nutrient requirements. Simply vary the amount fed based on the animal's weight using the feeding guide on each pack.

Feeding trials show that when fed Meal for Pets® dogs and cats show an improvement in their overall well-being including: a shinier, softer coat with greatly reduced incidence of skin disease and allergies. A marked reduction in flatulence, mouth and body odour. Solidly formed faeces which promotes anal gland health. Reduced crystal formation in the urine and kidney disease in cats.

A natural diet like Meal for Pets® is believed to improve the immune system, leading to a longer and healthier life.

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Learn more about Meal for Pets® from our product brochures below including our Meal for Pets® Handbook, Feeding and Nutritional Guides.

Meal for Pets® Feeding Guide Meal for Pets® Feeding Guide (441 KB)

Meal for Pets® Information Handbook Meal for Pets® Information Handbook (8895 KB)

Meal for Pets® Nutritional Guide Meal for Pets® Nutritional Guide (439 KB)


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