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5 top reasons to feed a raw food diet to your cat or dog

David Stone - Thursday, September 12, 2013

You may not realise the importance of feeding your cat or dog a correctly balanced meal.  It's important to understand that most health problems in your pet can be caused by inappropriate nutrition. Scientific studies have shown that a variety of health improvements can be expected on a natural, raw food diet, such as Meal for Pets, including benefits for skin and coat, oral cavities, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive, urinary, parasites, overall growth and development and the immune system.


Benefits of a raw food diet

1. Dogs and cats in the wild do not cook their food. There is no genetic difference between a dingo a domesticated dog, or a wild cat and a domestic cat.

2. Cooking alters the chemical profile of food making it less nutritious for the animal, and actually making it more difficult to digest. Cooking changes the molecular structure of protein and destroys vitamins.

3. Raw foods contain naturally occurring enzymes which help to break down the food, putting less stress on the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes.

4. When the body gets just what it needs, in the correct ratios and in the correct form that it was intended and designed for, it thrives.

5. To improve health, longevity, fertility, energy, stamina, resistance to parasites, diseases, and degenerative ailments.

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