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The Only Truly Natural Diet

It’s hard to improve on what Nature intended. You can feed your dog and cat a well-balanced, nutritional diet just the way nature intended.

RAW Meaty Bones:

• More than just natures toothbrush
• A necessary part of your dogs diet
• A complete source of essential amino acids
• Satisfies emotional needs
• Cleans teeth
• Puppies through to adults

“BARF”: Biological Appropriate Raw Foods.

Pet Cafe carries a range of ‘BARF’ Diets using 100% raw, unprocessed ingredients. BARF diets mimic mother nature’s diet for dogs and cats. The food is a fresh, raw and truly complete and balanced meal for dogs and cats that is ready to serve straight from your fridge or freezer.

RAW Fresh Meats and Minces

• Meat alone is not a complete diet for your dog or cat
• Fresh Raw meats and Minces help to deliver the balance in your dog and cat’s diet when combined with Raw Meaty Bones, Pulped veggies etc.
• Great for the ‘DIY’ BARF feeder.

“The Ingredient Wheel”

Muscle Meats: Provide Proteins and Fats

– Amino Acids e.g. Taurine; Fat soluble Vitamins (A, D, E & K); Essential Fatty Acids.

Organ Meats: A Rich source of vitamins and Minerals
– Vitamins A & K; Iron, Copper and Zinc.

Bone: Crushed or Whole Provide Proteins and Fats

– Calcium/Phosphorous Balanced while providing a complete source of essential amino acids.

Vegetables: provide enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fibre.

– The combination of raw meat, organs, and the cereal and vegetable blend, is designed to mimic the natural food state.

Cereals (Whole, Rolled or Crushed): A Rich Source of Carbohydrates and Fibre

– The combination of whole, crushed, soaked grains mixed with the parsley and other vegetables, creates a mix similar to that found inside the gut of a prey animal.

Additional Nutritional Supplements:

– Barley Grass and Parsley: “Green Foods” provide natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements and anti-oxidants, for a healthy immune system.
– Garlic: For flavour and aroma to encourage eating. Contains allicin, to decrease flatulence.
 – Yeast: A rich source of B complex vitamins especially B1 or Thiamin. Helps to maintain a healthy immune system.
– Lecithin: To give power and vigour to the brain, cleanses the kidneys and liver.
 – Kelp: A rich source of iodine. For energy levels, stamina and reproductive ability.
– Vitamin C: Another powerful anti-oxidant, used when the body is under attack from bacteria or viruses.

*Grain free BARF options are available


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